As far back as I can remember, I have adored everything about hair, especially our hair! I remember my first coming of age experience with my own hair as a young child. Mother would sit me down and literally work through my hair, but was never very good at styling it; she really didn’t know how to. The easiest thing for her to do was to relax it- and my, how I loved my relaxed hair! It was soft, it had movement and shine. It allowed me to shine in my own way, like the female idols of the time. It wasn’t until my late teens that I started experimenting more and more with various styles, and that’s when the penny finally dropped that my hair, our hair, was pretty unique in its own fabulous way.

And so began the most amazing relationship with my crowning glory- and let me tell you, I have a diverse portfolio of  hairstyles to be proud of. From relaxed, dyed pixie cuts to braids and weaves, I never played it safe!  I loved each look I rocked and as my relationship with my hair grew, I too grew with confidence and pride. That being said, there was one forgotten style. The lost memory of my natural hair. The way it looked and felt during those childhood years when my mother would have such difficulty styling it.

For someone who easily changes their look, it was an easy transition to make. I literally went for the big chop and have never looked back. It’s an amazing sense of freedom when you really discover within yourself that quiet confidence to let the world know who you are. However, I discovered pretty quickly that I had to educate myself on my own natural hair. I had to learn what it likes and dislikes. I had to experiment with different styles and products which was not always fun and at times became very frustrating. During this period I noticed the options on the market for natural hair styles and products were so limited in the UK. I decided to learn about the anatomy of hair and started formulating my own natural hair care products for personal use.

This then lead to a series of compliments and curiosity about my natural hair from friends, family and strangers alike; asking for advice on products and styles and feeling inspired to embark on their own personal relationship with natural hair. It was then that the realisation came that frustratingly, I was referring them to shops that were not owned or managed by people who understood or could identify with them. In turn, these stores were unable to really advise on natural haircare products and styles.

Out of this frustration, Tiwani Heritage was born. A brand that completely understands who you are and what you need to thrive within yourself. Together, we are showing the world our diverse beauty. We're proud of who we are- and we're proud of our heritage!

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