The new normal

As we all try to make sense of the current climate and adjust to life in isolation with no social contact from friends, family, work colleagues and frenemies alike, it’s something of a paradox that our current way of life is now becoming the new normal. In some ways, it has brought us closer together, for the reason of not being able to have any form of physical interactions with others outside our household; it has made us appreciate one another even more. We are talking more, sharing ideas and uplifting each other. We have found great comfort in video calls and some have even recently discovered Zoom (guilty as charged!). 

Being in isolation has meant trying low maintenance hairstyles and beauty regimes. The need for a quick 'get up and go’ look (or should we say a  'get up and stay’ look?!) has created a wave of discussions on social media and news journals on how to perfect the new 'stay at home look'. From wash 'n go's to head wraps to easy updo styles. One style which has been a saving grace for many is the trusted ponytail; a quick and easy style for everyone. Whether you are a full-time working mum with kids to homeschool or a working professional juggling video calls from home, Tiwani Heritage’s Ranavalona ponytail is a simple style which is all about achieving an effortless look without compromising on elegance. It’s a reigning look aptly named after an African queen.

Behind the name

The Ranavalona pony is named after Queen Ranavalona I (1788-1861), born Rabodoandrianampoinimerina (yes, it is a real mouthful). She was the first female to rule the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. Queen Ranavalona was said to be very suspicious of the Europeans. She ruthlessly ruled as a dictator and persecuted those who opposed her regime for 33 years, managing to preserve the precious culture of the Malagasy people. She is also known as ‘the mad queen of Madagascar’, and though she might have been seen by some as brutal, Queen Ranavalona was in fact a very good politician and leader. She did her best to retain her country’s cultural heritage, defended it against more powerful foreign nations who wanted to take advantage of the island’s resources, and expanded her territory to cover nearly the entirety of Madagascar. She is remembered as a sovereign and patriotic queen. 

Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar (1788-1861)


Keep calm, carry on and still look great!

So as we enter yet another week of lockdown, we try to maintain a level of normal, not compromising or dare I say, neglecting ourselves. At Tiwani Heritage, we make it easy for you to still be yourself during this crazy period, allowing you to simply get on with it. Whether you are a full-time naturalista, an occasional naturalista or considering a new look, we have all bases covered and our Ranavalona pony is a great easy transitional hairstyle which pretty much fits in with life as we know it, at any stage of your hair journey. This look is so versatile with many great ways to wear it. Here are some amazing pony looks to achieve for that extra bit of inspiration, and check out our Ranavalona pony tutorial video here.

We would love to see how you style your Ranavalona pony, so do post a comment below and share photos ;-)

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